FOODS You must avoid

Foods you can’t have on the Budwig diet.

The foods below are damaging; stopping these foods completely is important.  For most people this is a huge departure from their normal cooking style – but don’t worry there are plenty of other foods available to you!  Following the recipes to start with, you will soon find ways to make your new diet so good you won’t miss your old ways.

Avoid all ready-made meals and processed foods, even the ones labelled healthy options: they all have the wrong fats or added sugar.

Dr Johanna Budwig’s Forbidden Foods – and she really means forbidden – are as follows:

  • *All animal fats (meat, butter, lard). All eggs, meat, fish and poultry because they all contain the bad fats you are trying to avoid. Johanna Budwig didn’t actually forbid meat but made it very clear she wanted people to avoid it.  The implication in her works is that you are best staying off meat and fish altogether but if you do insist on eating  either meat or fish, it should not be processed and should be lean and naturally-reared such as truly wild game. Although Johanna Budwig was a vegetarian she doesn’t expressly forbid all meat forever – because, she says, she was being kind! (If at any time you consider eating meat, which is always advised against on the Budwig Diet it should be wild caught game, rabbit, venison etc.
  • Processed meats*, sausages* and canned meats** are very expressly forbidden because they are very bad.
  • Margarine and spreads including those which which are advertised as being good for you.
  • All oils, salad/vegetable oils, and any food containing them.  This means all oils, even olive oil. Things like vegetables preserved in oil are obviously a no-no. Pickles  and chutneys in oil. Mayonnaise, ready-made salad dressing, marinades.
  • Crisps, snacks, battered crunchy things and chips are all full of the worst sort of fats – no matter what they say about being “low fat” or “rich in polyunsaturated fats”. Even omega-3 isn’t allowed when it’s over-processed and stuck in some food it shouldn’t be in.
  • All sweets and sugars (with the exception of a little honey).  This includes molasses, brown sugar, palm sugar, organic sugar, agave syrup, trendy new fruit sugars and syrups or anything containing them; things called nectar, low sugar, “no added sugar”.   Johanna Budwig means NO SUGAR. You can use  little naturally cold-extracted honey or pure stevia.
  • White bread, processed grains, – always go for whole grain version.
  • All sweetened products, tomato ketchup, baked beans, pasta sauces and most canned foods
  • Cakes, pastries etc are all forbidden because they contain bad fats.
  • Peanuts
*Dr. Budwig stressed that we must AVOID CANCER-PROMOTING FOODS and substances such as:
  • hydrogenated oils, trans-fats,
  • animal fats/proteins, seafood,
  • eggs & butter,
  • cane sugar, agave & maple syrups, preservatives, highly
    processed foods,
  • pesticides & chemicals, as in household products & cosmetics.


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" – Hippocrates