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Western Diet, Inflammation and Gut Biome

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Dr Johanna Budwig ahead of her time

Johanna Budwig was recommending not eating meat and saturated fats but a diet rich in prebiotic linseed, fermented foods, yoghurt and sauerkraut seventy years ago.  Modern scientists are increasingly gaining  understanding of the anti-inflammatory benefit of a healthy gut flora and arthritis.

Inflammatory high fat burger and cheese diet

There are a lot of potential pro-inflammatory components  in a  cheeseburger!  Some of these inflammatory elements include omega-6 fats, processed cheese proteins, wheat gluten and other compounds in wheat (for some people), red meat, saturated fat and the effect the Western diet typified by cheeseburgers has on the gut biome. The effects of this is inflammation that includes common Western inflammatory disease, arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.

High fat cheese burger promotes inflammation.
High fat cheese burger promotes inflammation.

Prebiotics improve inflammation and arthritis

In a recent study, by researchers at the University at Rochester Medical Center, written about in an interesting  scientific article  in UPI site.   explains how the fat in a high-fat diet is linked to osteoarthritis and other inflammatory conditions but a diet that promotes good gut flora is anti-inflammtory.

Diet, harmful bacteria  not wear & tear

Mice with damaged knee meniscus with a high fat diet lost almost all the cartilage from the joint. It was discovered that obese mice on the cheeseburger diet had more harmful gut bacteria than lean mice on a healthier diet. Prebiotic supplementation to the diet helped protect the mice from inflammation.

Linseed a great source of prebiotics

Along with oligofructose  found in inulin and Bifidobateria the soluble fibre, which linseed is so rich  in, helps to create a healthy gut flora that pushes out the harmful gut bacteria and reduces inflammation.  More reason why the Budwig diet helps with so many condition; you’ve got to take your hat off to Johanna Budwig.

Budwig muesli a rich source of soluble prebiotic fibre
Budwig muesli delicious and a rich source of soluble prebiotic fibre