Supplements and the Budwig Diet

Supplements can stop the Budwig Diet from working.

Johanna Budwig advised against supplements of any kind and especially antioxidants. The Budwig Diet fights cancer by increasing oxygen in the cells which is why antioxidants can interfere with the way the Budwig Diet works and reduce its effectiveness.

The vitamins and minerals occurring naturally in food are desirable components of the Budwig Diet.  Herbs and spices that are foods are Budwig compatible; extracts as supplements are not.

Herbal remedies and other supplements are generally considered not part of the Budwig Diet and are to be avoided unless absolutely necessary such as when a patient has a clinical deficiency of specific vitamin or mineral prescribed by a doctor.  Vitamin D3 is usually considered acceptable on the Budwig Diet because there is often such low levels of sun in Northern Europe that the body is unable to make enough for itself.

Essiac tea, a Canadian anti-cancer herbal tea is generally accepted as compatible with the Budwig Diet.

If anything is taken in addition to the Budwig Diet it should only be prescribed by someone who understands and has experience of the Budwig Protocol.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" – Hippocrates