Snacks and Sweets

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Sweet Snacks

Conventional sweets and sugary snacks are absolutely forbidden on the Budwig Diet. That includes boiled sweets, muesli bars, chocolate bars,  pastries,  cakes, oat bars, biscuits, donuts and all the rest. If it tastes sweet or if it contains sugar, honey (if honey is in ready-made food it will have been heated so isn’t allowed), fruit sugar, concentrated fruit juice, corn syrup, fruit nectar, agave syrup/nectar it is not allowed: they are all sugars and sugars are not allowed in any guise.

It is best not to buy ready-made packet foods: that way you are safe from sugar.

Johanna Budwig allows children to have dried fruits as an alternative but doesn’t mention anything for adults. Perhaps she thinks grown-ups should have grown out of sweet foods or feels they don’t need them? Dried fruits are very high in sugars but the occasional date or raisin doesn’t hurt – just remember not to be lured by the sweetness into eating too many!

Beware also foods made sugar-free, even raw foods that contain a lot of dried fruit as again they are high in sugar.

Savoury snacks

Savoury snacks invariably contain fats, oils and even sugar.  Even if the packaging claims they are healthy they are not permitted. Don’t question it – just avoid them.  No roasted, coated, toasted nuts, etc.  Absolutely no peanuts.  No crisps. No pies or pastries.   Almost everything sold in shops as a savoury snack in shops is not allowed.

Nuts are permitted for breakfast but not to snack on.

If you need a snack because you are too hungry to go through to the next meal, wholemeal bread is permitted with food from the daily diet menu. You have a small allowance of certain hard cheeses.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" – Hippocrates