Raw Milk for making quark

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Raw or pasteurised?

The milk you use doesn’t have to be raw for making quark or similar cottage cheese for the Budwig Diet, in fact those with a compromised immune system are probably better off to be cautious and use pasteurised milk. For several reasons some people prefer to use raw milk to make their own quark-style cheese for the Budwig diet,   If you prefer to use raw milk, which has the advantages of better flavour, being richer in nutrients and more digestible then you have several choices.   Be aware of all the health arguments for and against live milk before you make the decision to use it.

Finding raw milk for making your own quark cottage cheese

Raw milk is available at some farmers’ markets and some farms supply online.    (See our recipes for homemade cottage cheese or quark).

Making cottage cheese;  curds ready to strain.
Making cottage cheese; curds ready to strain.

Raw unpasteurised cows milk

Raw cows’ milk can only be bought direct; the Natural Food Finder site helps you track it down.

Other unpasteurised raw milk choices

Other less common milks are becoming increasingly easy to find all round the country.  Always check it actually is raw and make sure you are happy with the fat levels in the milk. It is the milk protein that is important and not the animal it comes from that is important for the Budwig diet.

Goats’ milk

Ewes milk

Buffalo milk

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