Quark/Cottage Cheese Alternatives

Quark is just a name for a type of cottage cheese traditionally made quark across Europe, It used to be made in ordinary households by people with access to fresh milk.  It is made slightly differently in different countries.

Traditionally the milk is soured with a traditional culture, then strained to approximately 10% protein, the resultant quark cottage cheese is soft and smooth.

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UK Cottage Cheese for the Budwig Diet

In the UK our cottage cheese is made by a slightly different process which gives you the lumpy cottage cheese we get in the shops. This doesn’t mix particularly well when blended with the flaxseed oil which makes a “cream” that has a somewhat grainy texture but with a good blender, it blends up with the flaxseed oil. It is an OK way to make the Budwig cream, though it does contain salt which can taste a bit odd in the Budwig muesli but would be fine in a Budwig cream to use in savoury salads.

Only use the plain cottage cheese, not on of the flavoured versions.

Alternatives to Quark.

If you can’t find quark use a good, low-fat/fat-free cottage cheese or you can make do with  Greek-style yoghurt – check the protein content, it should be at least 10% and you should not add any extra milk when you mix the linseed oil with it.  If you use yoghurt, it must be low fat/fat-free and free of any sugar or flavouring and you may even need to strain it, which means you will need to start with more than 100g.  Soya yoghurt is not an option for the Budwig Diet.

10% (approx.) protein content, fat-free dairy options for Budwig Diet in the UK

Always check nutritional information to make sure you are getting 10% protein

  • Strained Greek yoghurt
  • Skyr
  • Kerned Yoghurt (organic)
  • Quark from supermarkets
Kerned yogurt alternative to quark cottage cheese for Budwig Diet
Kerned yogurt
Quark cottage cheese from supermarket Waitrose
Quark cottage cheese from supermarket Waitrose

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" – Hippocrates