Budwig diet and diabetes

New Study, Saturated Fats Heart Disease and Diabetes Risk

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Saturated Fats link to diabetes and heart disease

This article highlights some of the reasons, including diabetes and heart disease risk why Dr Johanna Budwig  steered people away from meat and saturated fats and recommended the use of like to use  Cold-Pressed Linseed (Flax Seed) Oil instead of saturated fats whenever we can. http://care.diabetesjournals.org/…/ear…/2018/05/24/dc18-0071


Desserts: a great alternative to cream

The Budwig cream created for the Budwig diet replaces a blend of fat-free quark (strained Greek yoghurt is just as good) with cold-pressed linseed oil which is very rich in omega-3 unsaturated good fats. It is also delicious. Try the Budwig cream as the basis for trifle or Eton mess pudding or just enjoy it for breakfast or dessert. https://www.flaxfarm.co.uk/recipe/budwig-cream/#.WxafDDQvzX

Not ready to give up meat yet? Make it Healthier

When I was transitioning away from meat and trying to lose weight (which I did very successfully) I only ate the very leanest meat, grilled,  which on its own was very dry,  When the meat was cooked the addition of a good drizzle of cold-pressed linseed oil, sometimes on its own or with the addition of a clove crushed garlic and chopped parsley turned very dull carboardy turkey, ostrich  or chicken  fillets  into a succulent, scrumptious flavoursome treat.  The light flavour of the linseed oil compliments the delicate flavour of these meats beautifully.

Linseed oil added to a low fat meat makes a much healthier, more nutritionally correct food, more natural with a better balance of omega-3 to omega-6.

Cold-pressed linseed oil for Omega-3 to help control weight

The high levels of omega-3 in cold-pressed linseed oil helped me lose weight and almost more important keep it off without putting it on again – that’s 15 years down the line. My weight is still stable and easy to keep down!