Linseed is the Sun's top healthy food

Linseed tops the Sun’s Healthometer for reducing risks of breast cancer

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Linseed rich in omega-3 & lignans

Cold-pressed linseed oil is rich in omega-3, which as part of the Budwig diet boosts the immune system and fights cancer. The ground linseed contains the lignans which is another cancer-fighting nutrient.

Lignans and the Budwig Diet

People are often concerned about the lignans in linseed (flax) being phyto-oestrogens.  Dr Johanna Budwig promoted linseed to be eaten by her cancer patients even those with breast cancer.  For a long time followers of the Budwig protocol were aware of the benefits linseed and lignans in treatment of breast cancer.  Now modern German scientists have confirmed the benefit that linseed can reduce the risks of breast cancer by 40%. The lignans in linseed are the phyto-oestrogens and they come from the fibrous parts of the linseed. Omega-3 in the cold-pressed linseed oil also protects and that contains no oestrogen.

Lignans are’s oestrogen, they simply look a bit like it to the body. When you consume linseed  the tissues in the body  that are sensitive to oestrogen take up the lignans instead and prevent the breast tissue etc. taking up the body’s own damaging oestrogen.

Sun newspaper rates Linseed no. 1

Both the number 1 and 2 on the Sun’s Healthometer can be eaten on the Budwig Diet.  Chocolate is an amazing health-food when eaten without all the sugar and addiotives. So use coco-powder, preferably organic to add into your Budwig recipes

The flavour of linseed combines well with chocolate the number two food on the Sun’s Healthometer. Try stirring a teaspoon or two of pure cocoa powder into your Budwig muesli for breakfast or lunch, it is particularly good with raspberries added.  See cuttings:

Cocoa made with just 1-2 teaspoons in hot water, with a few spices: cinnamon, chili or nutmeg maybe, is a drink you can have occasionally on the Budwig diet.