Goats' yoghurt can be used to make fat-free goat cottage cheese which is ideal for people intolerant to cow dairy products.

Intolerant to Cows Milk?

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Cow’s milk intolerance  does not need to be a problem on the  Budwig Diet

As yet there is no real vegan alternative to dairy cottage cheese on the Budwig diet but there are alternatives to the milk that you are intolerant of. People are intolerant to cows milk for several reasons.

Cows’ Milk Intolerance

Some people are simply intolerant to cows milk or anything to do with cows.  There is always goats’ milk. most people want a fat-free cottage cheese for the Budwig Diet and making cottage cheese from fat-free goat yoghurt is simple.  This is an easy to follow illustrated guide:  “How to turn organic yoghurt into fat-free organic cottage cheese”.


A1 Cows’ Milk Protein Intolerance

Intolerance to a single protein that occurs in milk from some cows  especially from those that are used for high production. Read the page about A2 milk which many people find they can tolerate.

Lactose Intolerance

One problem can be a problem with lactose fermenting in the gut. This is quite common and due to people not producing the enzyme needed to digest lactose. This usually comes on at any age but really it’s quite normal because in fact it is strange for any mammal to still be consuming milk in adulthood. However ordinary quark or cottage cheese tends to contain very little lactose and is well tolerated with people who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Vegan Alternative to dairy on the Budwig Diet

If you discover a vegan alternative for the Budwig Diet that works please let us know about it.