Honey for the Budwig Diet

Beautiful raw honey is the only sweetener Johanna Budwig recommended.  It is used for sweetening muesli and drinks. The only honey to use on the diet should be traditionally produced and cold-extracted so that all the enzymes in it are still live.  Most supermarket honey is extracted at higher temperatures and pasteurized so the goodness has been destroyed and it is little better than syrup.

Raw honey has a long and worldwide reputation for its almost magical properties.  For years this has been dismissed as an old wives’ tales but modern science keeps uncovering reasons for its benefits.

Don’t worry about “organic” when it comes to honey; most of the best honey producers do it as a hobby on a very small scale so they don’t usually register organic but they do try to keep their bees away from chemicals because it isn’t good for the bees!

Runny honey and thick honey are both OK.  If your runny honey has crystallised and you want to make it runny again simply put it in a saucepan of warm – not hot – water until it clears.

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" – Hippocrates