Home-grown foods – funny shapes but better for you

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Home grown for flavour

Grow your own,  beg or buy other people’s home grown food or help yourself wild growing!  Apples, raspberries, strawberries,  blueberries, salads leave, runner beans, spinach and chard are all really easy to grow. They taste better too.  I almost wept when I bought some traditional apples from the front of someone’s house, they tasted like I remember when I was a child at home!  Now I go out looking for other people’s spare home-grown produce: they often sell it at the gate.

Really nutritious superfoods

Don’t worry that the fruit and veggies may be gnarled and misshapen, or have been munched by caterpillars they have more flavour and have to be richer in minerals and nutrients even if sometimes you have to cut out the bruises and holes.  Wild ransoms, blackberries, cherries, crab apples and many other healthy superfoods grow wild and are just there for the picking.

Freeze spare

Any extra can be frozen.  Berries can be frozen, veg usually needs blanching. Check web for individual fruits freezing treatment.

Properly organic and chemical-free as Nature intended

These wild and homegrown usually have no chemicals on them, grow slowly and are full of nutrition and flavour.