Natural News: Flaxseed (Linseed), Hormones and Cancer

Flax or linseed is well-known for its benefits for the digestion and in helping prevent type-2 diabetes – but there is a lot of modern research to show it can be of benefit in helping to prevent or slow down the spread of hormone-linked cancers in both men and women.

Research data compiled by Sayer Ji at shows  the harmful effects caused by oestrogen that can result in growth and spread of cancer can be modulated  by flax (linseed).

This helps to make sense of the advice of Dr Johanna Budwig and the benefits of ground linseed in the Budwig diet even though a lot of oncologists tend to lump phytoestrogens with all all other oestrogens.  However Ji states “It helps to understand the biochemistry in order to make sense of how a plant estrogen may actually reduce estrogen activity in the body.”

Other studies quoted look at how linseed / flax can be of benefit to men in reducing tumour markers and reducing the proliferation of cancer cells related to prostate cancers.

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