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Essiac tea is considered suitable for the Budwig diet

Essiac Tea is herbal tea that can be consumed on the Budwig Diet but is not part of the original protocol or an alternative to it.

A simple herbal tea made from herbs with special properties

Essiac “tea” is a herbal infusion which was created for the treatment of cancer by Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse. She was originally given the recipe in the 1920’s by an Ontario Ojibwa medicine man. It contains burdock root, sheep sorrel leaves, slippery elm bark and Indian rhubarb root    The traditional formulation has continued to be used to this day.

Essiac is simply Caisse’s surname spelled backwards.  A small glass of the Essiac infusion is meant to be drunk twice daily before meals.  It is not an official part of the Budwig diet but many people consider it compatible with Budwig diet.

Essiac tea is a remedy created for treating cancer
Essiac tea


Essiac tea is mild and not unpleasant, it tastes like a rather bland herbal tea and has a flavour vaguely like watery Ovaltine.  The 1-2 oz you take can be diluted down to make it more palatable.  It is available as capsules, tea (powdered) and concentrated liquid extract.  Most people on the Budwig diet use the powdered tea made into a drink. Essiac tea is accepted by most authorities as compatible with the Budwig diet as it is simply a herbal tea and herbal teas have always been art of the diet.

Instructions for making Essiac tea
Instructions for making Essiac tea

Essiac Tea is available to purchase on this website.

The Cancer Research Website has more information about Essiac Tea.


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" – Hippocrates