What to Drink on the Budwig Diet

A bowl of Green Tea for Budwig Diet ready to drink without sugar of milk
A bowl of Green Tea ready to drink without sugar of milk

Dr Johanna Budwig was very specific in the drinks that were allowed on her diet.

All of these are permitted, but please note that coffee is not part of the diet other than as an enema .

No milk or sugar to be taken with drinks but the occasional teaspoon of cold-extracted, raw, natural honey is permitted.

  • Water
  • Juices – freshly-made, any variety you choose, see juicing pages for ideas and recipes. Johanna Budwig recommends fruit juices on the Budwig Diet are consumed with ground linseed, The fibre in the ground linseed helps slow down the absorption of the sugars in fruit juice, makes them lower Glycemic Index/low GI which helps keep blood sugar and insulin levels stable.
  • Green tea
  • Herbal teas – This means infusions of herbs not the flavoured herbal and fruit teas that are becoming common. Make sure they are good quality and not just “shavings”
  • Essiac tea – specifically recommended: see separate section for more information
  • Black tea – one cup is allowed in the afternoon if necessary, but without milk or sugar
  • Red wine – one small glass in the afternoon is permitted
  • Champagne – Johanna Budwig says that there is nothing wrong with a glass of champagne. See separate section on how best to enjoy the bubbly! She recommends are these wines are consumed with ground linseed.


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" – Hippocrates