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Chocolate Cravings?

Chocolate as such isn’t the problem – it’s all the other stuff they add into chocolate such as sugars and fats that are not allowed on the Budwig diet.

The Food of the Gods

Chocolate was revered by the ancient Mayans who believed it was a gift from the Gods, they enjoyed it for both its health benefits and for its flavour.  When it was discovered by the West it was called in Latin, Theobroma cacao, which comes from the Greek  and means “food of the gods”  – something every chocoholic would agree with!


Chocolate  or cocoa really is a good food. Chocolate fans know it tastes amazing, but many people don’t know how good it is for you (so long as you leave out the sugar and fat…). Modern scientists noticed it had heart-protecting qualities and research has shown that it is incredibly rich in antioxidants.

Boxes and Bars of Chocolate

Sorry, these are processed foods laden with sugars and other additives and are not permitted.

Budwig-Compliant Chocolate

Pure, old-fashioned cocoa is allowed on the Budwig diet and so is raw chocolate cacao powder.  Ordinary chocolate drinking powder contains sugar so is not allowed.

Chocolate for Breakfast or Dessert?  Add Cocoa powder to Budwig Muesli

On the Budwig diet you can enjoy the health benefits and taste of chocolate by adding pure cocoa powder to the linseed-quark cream a lovely creamy chocolatey  delicious treat – adding a few raspberries makes it even more scrumptious! This is totally Budwig-compliant.  Even Dr Johanna Budwig herself gave recipes for making the Budwig cream  into  chocolate muesli and desserts (see recipes) and of course you can use this to make chocolate ice cream too.  🙂

100% cocoa solids chocolate bars

A few manufacturers of quality chocolate produce bars of 100% cocoa solids chocolate from very smooth, fine flavoured cocoa beans.  So it is usually considered of to have a  few squares of these sugar-free high quality chocolate  on the Budwig diet and is another way to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" – Hippocrates