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Straight juices are very good but the real fun comes with blending your own juices. Adding other fruits, veggies, fresh herbs and spices can lift juices to something really special. Juice recipes are not exact because veggies and fruits are always different sizes, their flavour and sweetness varies. The important thing is to make juice you enjoy. Try to add plenty of veggies, but some fruit added in can interest and improve flavour. You can adjust these recipes to suit the fruit and veg you have in stock, the weather and your mood.
Making your own freshly pressed juices is a revelation; even simple

carrot juice fresh from the juicer is amazing. Other veggies too make surprisingly good juices. Even the humble potato makes a pleasant juice rich in vitamin C and soothes the stomach.

Juicing Suggestions

Some of the bigger roots are more practical for juicing. Celery juice is usually made from the big knobbly celeriac root. On the continent they grow big winter radishes which are hard to find in the UK but mooli or daikon, available in supermarkets and ethnic stores, give a generous amount of juice but if you grow your own – and radish growing is easy – you will get a plentiful supply every few weeks through the summer. Turnips and kohlrabi are also good for juice.
Leaves can be the basis of a green juice or combined with fruit. Brassicas work well with oranges and clementines – get organic and include the skins.  Fresh ginger improves everything – so long as you like ginger.  Berries add flavour. Don’t forget nettles to add into juices, Johanna Budwig recommended them and they have been a spring blood-cleanser for ever and they cost nothing.   Sorrel is another easy to find wild herb you can forage.

Ground Linseed in Juice

Add ground linseed to juices as it slows downthe absorption of sugars from juice and helps prevent sugar spikes.

Refreshing Carrot Juice

The juice and zest from the clementines and lemon turn carrots into a balanced  refreshing juice you will enjoy quaffing at any time.


  • A big pile of of carrots
  • 1-2 small apples
  • 1-2 small whole clementines (or similar)
  • 1 lemon partially peeled

Simply juice them all together.

Special Carrot Juice

CarrotsThis carrot juice is a lovely drink at any time of day and try it as an alternative to milk in muesli or porridge.  As ever carrot juice is the best shade of orange juice can be and of course seriously rich in nutrients.  The subtle hint of pineapple and ginger turns it into something very special.


  • Loads of carrots (you can include the stalks)
  • A small to medium amount apples
  • A small amount of pineapple
  • A peeled or partially peeled lemon
  • A good lump of fresh ginger

Juice and enjoy.


Better Beetroot Juice

Striped beetroot, variety chioggiaThis is so good you can serve it as an aperitif.

Not everyone loves beetroot juice but this can help give you a taste for it.  To make beetroot juice irresistible to even confirmed beetroot-haters, start with white, orange or striped beetroot as they are less intensely beetroot-y but still have lots of beetroot goodness.  it’s a great way to get used to beetroot and for those who already love beetroot this makes it even better.

This is smooth, rich, bright, fruity, fragrant, earthy and wonderfully smooth.I always hated beetroot as a child but now  I LOVE beetroot juice!

If you don’t have all the ingredients just use the ones you do have.   Increase the ingredients you like and if you are getting a cold up the ginger – it works wonders.


  • Lots of raw unpeeled beetroot (traditional red, striped, white or orange) if they still have the stalks and leaves be sure to include them.
  • A small amount of whole apples
  • A similar amount oranges or mandarins – peeled or partially peeled
  • Some carrots
  • A small amount of parsnip
  • About the same or a tad more of Florence (bulb) fennel
  • And about half as much whole ginger root
  • A similar amount peeled or partially lemon

Juice it all together and enjoy – don’t forget to share it.

Unusual varieties of beetroot: orange, white and striped (chioggia)