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Dr Patrick Kingsley asking Why and Building Health.

I watched this video this morning and wanted to share it. The lovely man, a medical doctor who has learnt to see health and disease in a different way recommends natural, remedies to support other treatment and build the body back to health.

He is a scientist but gentle and reassuring.

The YouTube video is a revaluation.

Dr Patrick Kingsley's holistic approach to treating cancer intelligently
Dr Patrick Kingsley’s holistic approach to treating disease intelligently

Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas for Budwig Protocol and Gerson Therapy

Coffee along with linseed (flax seed) oil (Eldi oils which was linseed oil with wheat germ oil)) enemas are recommended on the Budwig Protocol.  In the Gerson  therapy  coffee enemas are given up to five times a day.   There is good overview information on enemas on the Alternative Daily website.

Normally organic arabica , Coffea arabica, coffee is used, freshly brewed and administered when cooled to a suitable temperature.

Coffee plant
Coffee plant and beans