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Dr Patrick Kingsley asking Why and Building Health.

I watched this video this morning and wanted to share it. The lovely man, a medical doctor who has learnt to see health and disease in a different way recommends natural, remedies to support other treatment and build the body back to health.

He is a scientist but gentle and reassuring.

The YouTube video is a revaluation.

Dr Patrick Kingsley's holistic approach to treating cancer intelligently
Dr Patrick Kingsley’s holistic approach to treating disease intelligently

Linseed (flax): one of the World’s 100 healthiest foods

World’s Healthiest Foods

George Mateljan’s  site,  World’s 100 Healthiest Foods makes interesting reading about real food. Linseed or flax is in included in his top 100., it explains the reasons why linseed is such a powerful food for fighting cancer and other diseases. Continue reading Linseed (flax): one of the World’s 100 healthiest foods

Use fresh juices for flavouring muesli

I make really flavoursome fresh juices with lemons – which I usually peel – and satsumas which are organic so I don’t peel: the peel adds lots of extra flavour. And I always use loads of fresh ginger.  I add some of this to the Budwig muesli.  If I put a lot of carrot in the juice it gives the muesli an interesting sweetness and good colour – and the juice of purple carrots looks like beetroot juice but tastes better in breakfast.

from Annette

Use a mini whisk to make the cream

Hand whisks can be used but you do need to beat thoroughly  to blend oil and cottage cheese
Hand whisks can be used but you do need to beat thoroughly to blend oil and cottage cheese

Making the flax/linseed oil-quark cream:  I have found an ordinary mini hand whisk blends the linseed oil and quark well if you beat it vigorously as you would if making mayonnaise. It’s physically harder but I prefer it to an electric stick blender.  It is seriously low tech but very useful when you need to make the cream up when you are out and about – great for picnics.

This saves on washing up an extra bowl: when I am feeling lazy I mix the quark and oil in my cereal bowl and then add all the other stuff on top.  It doesn’t matter what order I do it in because I stir it all up anyway.

The finished emulsion of oil and cheese looks as well blended or even better than using the electric whisk and it tastes just as good!

(When I make this for guests and family they just assume it’s basically whipped cream and don’t realise it  doesn’t contain cholesterol and is actually good for them… LOL!)

From  Clare

Home-grown foods – funny shapes but better for you

Home grown for flavour

Grow your own,  beg or buy other people’s home grown food or help yourself wild growing!  Apples, raspberries, strawberries,  blueberries, salads leave, runner beans, spinach and chard are all really easy to grow. They taste better too.  I almost wept when I bought some traditional apples from the front of someone’s house, they tasted like I remember when I was a child at home!  Now I go out looking for other people’s spare home-grown produce: they often sell it at the gate.

Really nutritious superfoods

Don’t worry that the fruit and veggies may be gnarled and misshapen, or have been munched by caterpillars they have more flavour and have to be richer in minerals and nutrients even if sometimes you have to cut out the bruises and holes.  Wild ransoms, blackberries, cherries, crab apples and many other healthy superfoods grow wild and are just there for the picking.

Freeze spare

Any extra can be frozen.  Berries can be frozen, veg usually needs blanching. Check web for individual fruits freezing treatment.

Properly organic and chemical-free as Nature intended

These wild and homegrown usually have no chemicals on them, grow slowly and are full of nutrition and flavour.



Spicy Sandwich Spread

I like to use the more bland cottage cheese which I find a bit boring on its own but it’s nice and creamy when mixed with interesting fillers.  Sometimes I chop up onion, gherkins ,capers,  celery, sweet peppers, mild chili and tomato to mix in with it to make a sandwich filler and use a wipe of oleolux instead of butter on the bread first to stop the bread going soggy. Good on baked potatoes too or boiled potatoes for a potato salad.

by Bethany

No more diabetes

“I started using the Budwig diet when I had a suspected tumour.  I had been diabetic for several years but after a few months on the diet I am not diabetic anymore so I still stay on it and I love the food and my new way of eating.  My favourite way of using the quark-linseed oil mix is with chives and just as a treat a little Parmesan cheese, brilliant lunch. My other favourite is the ice cream. I love the Oleolux too”

Mair R