Shopping for the Budwig Diet

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Have you got everything you need to follow the Budwig Diet?

Getting ready to follow the Budwig diet is really quite simple.  Whole food ingredients and meals are prepared fresh from scratch, no processed foods.

Budwig foods available on-line from Flax Farm

Cold-pressed, organic or high-lignan linseed (flax) oil

Whole Linseed (flax seeds)

Coconut Oil (cold-pressed, raw, extra virgin)

Organic sauerkraut juice

Nutritional Yeast

Raw Honey – you can also find honey made by local bee-keepers

Organic Green Tea – green tea varies enormously so it’s worth shopping around and trying lots. Green tea is often best brewed at less than 100C and can be brewed several times.

Stevia aqueous liquid extract – not essential but nice to have healthy sugar- free sweetening

Not essential but worth considering

Essential foods available from the shops

  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – some frozen can be an option
  • Nuts – not peanuts
  • Quark (or make your own) cottage cheese or unsweetened Greek yoghurt – a high protein content of about 10-12 % is what you are aiming for.


You don’t need to spend a fortune but the equipment will get fairly heavy use so good quality is important.  There is more detailed information about the essential items you will need here.

  • Hand blender
  • Coffee mill
  • Juicer


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" – Hippocrates