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Side effects: you feel wonderful

We have found this article about the Budwig Diet by www.earthclinic.com in the UK edition of The Epoch Times Newspaper.

Epoch_Times_07-11-2012_Budwig_ articleP1A diet loaded with electrons that carry oxygen

We have scanned it for you to read. The ratio of oil to quark cottage cheese isn’t quite the same as the original Budwig version but it’s great to see it in print and we love the comment about side effects…”you feel wonderful”.

Precis: A discovery by Otto Warburg in 1930’s “Cancer is an anaerobic disease and cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment” led Johanna Budwig to develop a cancer cure: Epoch_Times_07-11-2012_Budwig_ articleP2 mixing flax oil (cold-pressed linseed oil) with cottage cheese.

“The oil is loaded with electrons” which “attract lots of oxygen.” “The (sulphur) proteins from the cheese carry the oil to every cell in the body” which generates an oxygen rich environment in which cancer does not thrive and “falls apart”.

It is important that the oil and cheese are properly emulsified until the oil totally “vanishes”; adding a little skimmed milk can make blending easier.

“Johanna Budwig cured thousands of people with cancer” “some of whom were stage 4 and “were at death’s door”

Epoch_Times_07-11-2012_Budwig_ articleP3“I have told many people about this” with good feedback. Including stage 4 breast cancer patients.

“All material on Earth Clinic.com is published for discussion purposes only. It should not be relied on in whole or in part for any medical decision. Consult a physician…”


You can also read the full article on the EarthClinic.com website

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