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Benefits of flax oil over fish oil

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The HOLISM study shows how vegetable omega-3 from linseed oil can be more beneficial than fish oil.

Comparative Study

Cold-pressed linseed oil source of ALA omega-3
Cold-pressed linseed oil source of ALA omega-3

The recent HOLISM study paper 2013.  Hadgkiss EJ, Jelinek GA, Weiland TJ, Pereira N, Marck CH, van der Meer DM. Methodology of an international study of people with multiple sclerosis recruited through web 2.0 platforms: demographics, lifestyle and disease characteristics. Neurol Res Int 2013; Article ID 580596, 12 pages, doi:10.1155/2013/580596  Read full article and paper on OMS site.

“Perhaps the most striking finding … those taking flaxseed oil regularly had over 60% fewer relapses!”

Benefits of linseed/flax oil to MS patients

Reading Dr Jelinek’s book Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis he suggests reasons to prefer linseed (flax) oil.   Dr Budwig recommended against fish oils and of course based her whole diet and protocol on linseed oil.  It all comes full circle and shows yet again Johanna Budwig was way ahead of her time.