Antioxidants and Supplements

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Get Your Nutrients from Your Food

The Budwig Diet is designed to provide sufficient antioxidants naturally from food. Extra antioxidants and vitamins are not part of the Budwig Diet.  The Budwig Diet is based on increasing oxygen in the cells so supplementing with extra antioxidants can stop the diet working.

Johanna Budwig advised against supplements of any kind and especially antioxidants. The Budwig diet fights cancer by increasing oxygen in the cells which is why antioxidants can interfere with the way the Budwig diet works and reduce its effectiveness.

Not From Supplements

The vitamins and minerals occurring naturally in food are a desirable component of the Budwig diet.  Herbs and spices that are foods are Budwig compatible; extracts as supplements are not.

Herbal remedies and other supplements are generally considered not part of the Budwig diet and to be avoided unless absolutely necessary such as when a patient has a clinical deficiency of specific vitamin or mineral and prescribed by a doctor. Vitamin D3 is usually considered acceptable on the Budwig Diet because there is often such low levels of sun in Northern Europe which means the body is unable to make enough for itself.



Is a form of yeast grown on nutritious herbs for extra benefit. This is considered a food tablet suitable for the Budwig diet.  Available from Flax Farm.

Essiac Tea
Essiac Tea


Essiac Tea

Essiac tea is a Canadian anti-cancer herbal tea  created by Rene Cassie from herbs used by native Americans.  That is taken by many and generally accepted as compatible with the Budwig diet.  Available from Flax Farm.

Kelp and Seaweed

Seaweed is rich in mineral  and a common food in many parts of the world though we don’t have a big tradition of it in the UK, which is strange being we are an island and it is all around us. If you find it difficult to use or haven’t a source of seaweed is available dried as tablets and capsules. Try for carefully selected and tested or organic.

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a food and tasty seasoning with lots of vitamin B and recommended on the Budwig diet.

Vitamin Deficiency

If you or your doctor feel you are deficient in a vitamin you should get advice from someone who understands and has experience of the Budwig Diet to help ensure you get the nutrition you need without compromising the efficacy of the Diet.

Vitamin D3

You should be tested to ensure you have correct levels of vitamin D, which is more like a hormone than vitamin. This means optimum not just average or minimum recommended. The Budwig protocol recommends going out in the sunshine to top up viatamin D in the best way possible. Sunbath without sunscreen but don’t burn

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" – Hippocrates