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Good News

Good news here; you can have a drink on the Budwig Diet.  Johanna Budwig mentions alcohol for both the Budwig Diet Transition Phase and full Budwig Diet  daily meal plan.

Wine and Champagne are both permitted but only ever “a glass”, so sip slowly and enjoy it.

During the day drinks are taken with ground linseed. It is supposed to help you to absorb the goodness of the linseed better.

Alcohol is allowed in  small amounts on the Budwig Diet,
Alcohol is allowed in small amounts on the Budwig Diet,


Budwig Diet Treat for Wine Drinkers

In the evening a glass of wine is permitted.

Oddly Johanna Budwig suggests putting ground linseeds in the champagne for breakfast for the very ill during the transition phase.  If it worries you to do that to good Champagne I am sure the good doctor wouldn’t have minded if you pour some of the champagne over the ground linseed and saved a little to drink in the usual way.

Grown-up alchohol flavour for desserts

To give grown-up interest to desserts, in her own own recipes, Johanna Budwig suggests a small shot (small vodka/liqueur glass) of flavorsome alcoholic spirit or brandy but not sugary liqueurs.

Alcoholic drinks allowed by Johanna Budwig

  • Wine – drink
  • Champagne – drink
  • Slibowitz – tot as flavouring
  • Cherry Brandy* – tot as flavouring
  • Kirsch – tot as flavouring
  • Rum – tot as flavouring

*(Where you see cherry brandy in Budwig recipes it is important that this is brandy/spirit distilled from cherries and not sweet cherry brandy liqueur. )



"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" – Hippocrates